The Vietnam War was controversial to many in the United States but it was a huge reality to those who actually served during the war. A Vietnam veteran finally got what he says was something he never received after returning from the war 47 years ago.

Mike Koma, a Vietnam War vet, went to Walmart the way he usually would but when he returned to his pick-up truck sitting in the parking lot, he saw a heartwarming surprise. 

Mike said, “I went inside to get my canning supplies because I do my hot peppers.” Little did he know, a perfect stranger was up to something right outside the store.

When he returned to his truck after checking out, he found a note card with a picture of the American Flag on his windshield.

Mike had served for one year in the 5th Infantry Division of the United States Army during the Vietnam War. The stranger who left the note on his windshield had noticed his Vietnam Veteran bumper sticker and knew they had to speak up.

Now, any other time you find something on your windshield you might automatically assume it’s a ticket or some useless promo. Mike was surprised to find a very sincere note on the postcard thanking him for his service.

The note read: “Dear Vietnam veteran, thank you so much for your service in the United States Army in Vietnam. You, sir, are a hero in my eyes.”

Mike was so stunned by the generous thank-you note because it was such a foreign concept to him. He recalled coming home from the war and having people spit on him and treat him with complete disgust for serving in the controversial war.

“We didn’t have a parade or anything,” he added, “When I came home from Vietnam, I flew into the state of Washington, and people were spitting at us and calling us baby killers.”

After 47 years, Mike finally got the thank-you he rightfully deserves. He says the thank-you “brought tears” to his eyes.

Mike and his wife are forever grateful to the woman who brightened his day. Mike’s wife, Mary, posted the note on Facebook in hopes someone who knows the kind lady. Mary said, “[The note] made him feel good, and that’s what I want to see him do, to heal from that war.”

“I’m going to thank her for that. I’m going to ask her how many times she does that,” Mike said.

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Article via CBS Pittsburgh