There is no denying the fact that emotional connections to animals are more than possible, but when this cat was brought to the vet to be put down, the veterinarians noticed something special about this mysterious yet loving cat. The small black cat was given a second chance, and his role in the recuperation of others is now irreplaceable.

The cat’s name is Radamenes, and when his owner noticed that he had a debilitating disease he thought there was no other solution than to put the cat down. Suffering and struggling to be healthy, Radamenes owner did not have the money nor the desire to keep the cat through surgery and therapy. He brought the kitty to the vet and told them that they needed to put the animal down and left.

As vet techs took the cat in and made a plan for its death, something caught their attention. Although sick and sluggish, the cat was still very gentle and loving. When they noticed that through its suffering it still was purring and showing affection, they made a snap decision to try and heal the sick animal.

Defying many odds and surprising the people that had been watching over him, Radamenes’ health made a turn for the better and he was soon back to normal. At that point, the plan for the small vet clinic was to get the sweet cat a new home. That was until they noticed the cat doing something unusual. As other animals underwent intense surgery and hard treatment, Radamenes would often cuddle close to the sick animals and bathe them as they rested. The vets then watched as the moods and strength of some of their patients turned in a positive way.

From that point on they knew the role of the rescue cat. The sweet feline has now been used to comfort some of the sick and injured animals that are visiting the vet. With the comfort of the small cat, there have been plenty of cases that have seen a benefit from the comfort. It is as though he knows how these animals are feeling and can empathize with them greatly.

We are very happy that this amazing cat was saved and his fullest potential was realized. In the eyes of his past careless owner, Radamenes was nothing valuable and served no purpose but with the careful eye of a few loving people, his true value has been determined.

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