As you may know, many toddlers don’t like it when you take things away from them. They can get very upset and a lot of times it’s because they don’t like sharing with other people, even their parents.

That is the case with this little girl. She thinks her daddy stole her soda and she makes a convincing argument. She was so angry and fired up and you can tell from the video.

Her parents couldn’t help but laugh and smile because of her dramatic demeanor and at some points, they couldn’t even understand what she was saying.

She also got mad when her dad was taking pictures and recording her on his camera. It is clear that when she points and shakes her head and yells that she has a little spunky attitude. She certainly loved being the center of attention and when her parents laughed at her.

This little girl definitely wanted her soda back but kept saying, “Daddy will never give my soda back.”

Even though her mom told her at one point it’s too late to have soda, she wouldn’t let it go. You can hear her dad even say during the video, “I don’t think I like her tone.”

Like a lot of kids, she’s definitely one vocal little girl that wants what she wants and will do anything to get it. Her parents definitely have their hands full with her.

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