I’m sure we have all had those creative, innovative ideas for a new invention but never really did anything about it. Whether it was an idea to help with house chores at home or an idea that was simply meant for pure enjoyment, many of us have wondered what it would be like to turn our creative thoughts into a reality.

Well, one company in Turkey did just that. Pugedon, who is an Istanbul based company, came up with a creative solution to two major problems in the city; trash and dogs.

Istanbul streets, like any city, are full of trash. The saddening part is a lot of that trash isn’t necessarily trash. Any bottles, glass, cardboard, etc. could be recycled into new products, helping to clean up the streets and the environment, but it all just ends up in the gutters.

The other major problem Istanbul deals with is stray animals. Although this is a major problem in all of Turkey, Istanbul alone has about 150,000 stray dogs and cats roaming the streets, with no homes, food, or water.

Pugedon noticed these major problems and took the innovative to find a solution. They created a vending machine that once a bottle is placed in the top, food and water for stray animals is funneled out the bottom.

The company calls there ingenious vending machines, Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes and they run at absolutely no charge to the city or any person operating it. The money from recycling the bottles helps to pay for the food, but more importantly it promotes cleaning up the city while taking care of its furry residents.

The Turkish government has toyed with the idea of removing thousands of the stray animals. The city placed equipmnet in “wildlife parks” because of the burden they are on the city. Also, there have been various unconfirmed reports of people poisoning the animals to get them out of the way. This machine will hopefully help the animals to be better fed and taken care of, which will help to keep them in their natural habitats and what they have come to know as home.

The goal of Pugedon is to create a stable environment for the stray dogs and cats while also helping to keep the streets of Istanbul clean and teaching the residents the excellent habit of recycling.

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Source: huffingtonpost.com