Scientists Amazed After Gold Miners Make ‘One Of The Most Incredible’ Discoveries Ever

The body of a young woolly mammoth was found mummified and nearly complete by gold miners in Canada's Yukon territory. According to a government press release, the creature was discovered by the miners on Tuesday as they were excavating through permafrost. The Trondok Hwchin people's ancestral...

Hero Cat Saves 84 Year Old Vet From Certain Death

cat saves owner
The 84-year-old U.S. Army veteran Ron Williams has discovered yet another reason to adore Fluffy after the cat's fuzzy friend saved his life. A few years ago, a buddy paid Ron a visit and brought the retired man a nice surprise: Fluffy's male friend. Fluffy and...

Woman Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night Shocked By What Two Bears Are Doing In Her Home

brawling bears
Two bears fighting in a woman's garage woke her up in the middle of the night. In a horrifying video, the creatures may be seen battling in a garage near Lake Tahoe, California. Terrified On her Ring doorbell camera, Lisa Quick captured the moment of drama. The...

Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter In Trash Bag, Refuses To Give Up On Life

"Someone didn't take very good care of her at all."

Adopted Dog Is Known For Adorable Fashion, Her Story Behind It Is Heartbreaking

"People all over the world are following her journey."