baby steals treat

Toddlers reach a point in their life when, if they see something they want, it is theirs. If they spy it across the room in another toddler’s hands, they crawl over there to take it. Then they will keep it for themselves, and themselves only. Toddlers also get stubborn and will not give back the toy or shiny thing that they have previously stolen. They think whatever they like is rightfully theirs. That is exactly what happened in this video.

In this funny Rumble video, we see a dog, named Brano eating his treat. All of a sudden it gets taken from him by a toddler, named Ava. Ava is the type of toddler that will not give up what she had taken. Sometimes, the best things to play with are not toys, but food.

Brano is in the middle of eating his treat when Ava steals a big piece of it and keeps it for herself. She takes it and turns around to hide it from the dog. Brano tries to take it back but is unsuccessful. Brano then lays down next to Ava and waits patiently to see if there is an opportunity to snag his treat back.

When Ava’s dad tells her to give Brano his treat back, she offers her hand pretending that the treat was in it, but it wasn’t. Brano licks her hand expecting his treat, but it was not there. Then Ava’s dad tries to distract her by giving her a high five. The perfect opportunity arises for Brano to take it back, but Ava was too quick to notice and turns around so Brano could not take it. Ava’s dad then proceeds to take the biscuit, but she wouldn’t give it to him either. The video ends with Ava’s dad saying, “This could go on for hours!”

I guess we will never know if Brano got his treat back or not, but what we do know is that this video was both funny and cute!

check out the hilarious video here.