cuddling elephant

Typically, we love to cuddle, whether it is cuddling with your mom when you can’t sleep or cuddling with your dog after a long day at work. We all have our perfect cuddle buddies, for Allie, it is an elephant that lives at the Chai Lai Orchid. The Chai Lai Orchid is an elephant camp that shares its property with 12 elephants. This camp is trying to rescue a herd of elephants. Their goal is to move the elephants from the camp into new homes at a sanctuary in Northern Thailand.

Elephant babies need as much love and care as a child does to thrive in their younger years, and that’s exactly what Allie does for this baby elephant. Allie can be seen with this baby elephant cuddling and hugging it. This cuddle seems rougher than a normal cuddle. This is because a baby elephant weighs around 200 pounds! Baby elephants love to be touched by its mother and relatives, and I think this baby elephant thinks of Allie as a relative.

Baby elephants are called calves when they are babies and grow to be called bulls if they are male, and cows if they are female. They are also one of the largest baby animals in the world, weighing in at around 200 pounds and standing 3 feet tall at birth. Baby elephants rely on their mothers a lot. They feed on their mother, walk with them around different navigations, and get touched by their mother all the time. That’s why I think the bond between Allie and the baby elephant share such a great bond.

People who viewed this must have loved this video as much as I did, because a comment on the video said, “This enchanting little baby sweetheart is beyond precious, beyond gorgeous, and beyond delightful!!”

Another comment said, “She is so Cute !:)”

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