girl kidnapped

When we wake up, we rarely expect our day to end with us achieving anything so extraordinary that we are hailed as a hero. However, that possibility is always present, and if we notice something that requires us to act, we should act immediately. It may save a life on occasion, and we never know how our actions may affect others. That was the story of Prentiss Weatherford, who was outside his home in the Louisville, Kentucky area on one specific day.

On a Friday afternoon, Weatherford was outside when he noticed something that didn’t seem quite right. There was a six-year-old girl riding her bicycle, which didn’t bother him, but then a stranger appeared, and he realized something wasn’t quite right. The guy suddenly grabbed the girl’s collar and forced her into his car. He then immediately drove away from the area where he kidnapped the girl. It would have been too late for anyone to intervene, but Weatherford decided to act. The license plate and the type of car he was driving gave him three digits.

It’s a good idea to gather as much information as possible when we encounter something like this, or even if we only glimpse something questionable. Weatherford was able to recognize the man by his hair type, the car he was driving, and a few other facts. It was minimal, but adequate.

The whole Louisville Police Department was on high alert and began looking for the missing girl. This was a very thorough search as two police officers found the kidnapper in less than 10 minutes. You can even watch the bodycam footage of their arrest in the video below. They discovered a six-year-old girl screaming in the passenger seat when they opened the car door. She was found safe and returned to her parents.