On Tuesday morning, Frank Siller, CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, announced on “Fox & Friends” that his organization had just awarded U.S. Army Specialist Jason Wheeler of Texas a completely paid and brand new smart home.

According to Kristi Wheeler, Jason Wheeler’s wife, who has a special needs son, this will make “an incredible difference” in the family.

She stated that “every single room in the new house has a Bible verse written over it on the walls. We wanted this house to be blessed from the ground up. It’s going to change our world forever. It’s going to make our lives so much easier.”

Jason Wheeler said, “It’s just phenomenal. It’s very humbling to be able to wheel right in.”

Frank Siller, CEO of the Tunnel to Towers Foundation told the couple, “To see you in your home, especially during this Easter season, what better family to receive a home on such a spiritual weekend as Easter weekend, for you and your family.”

He stated more about the Wheelers’ commitment to scripture, “That’s all about who we are as a foundation. We follow the teachings of St. Francis, where he said, ‘Brothers and sisters, while we have time, let us do good.’ And we did good this weekend for a great family that gave so much for our country.”

Jason Wheeler said to all those who built this home, “We are forever grateful.”

In 1991, Jason Wheeler enlisted in the Navy. According to a profile on the Tunnel to Towers website, he served as a firefighter on the USS John F Kennedy aircraft carrier during the Gulf War.

In 1993, Wheeler was honorably discharged. When America was attacked on September 11, 2001, “Wheeler felt called to re-enlist in the U.s. Army,” according to his bio.

Wheeler was assigned to Team 2 of the 509th Airborne Infantry Recon’s 1st Battalion, according to the biography. “In 2002, during a training exercise simulating war, and during very unfavorable weather conditions, Wheeler jumped out of a Black Hawk helicopter at 1,500 ft. At about 250 ft from the ground, he experienced a parachute malfunction.”

But Wheeler was not able to “cut away the chute that was wrapped around him” and “at 50 feet above the ground, he had no support from his equipment and hit the ground at full force.”

The horrific fall left him with a variety of injuries, including “rod damage to both eyes leaving him legally blind, a traumatic brain injury, and PTSD.” Wheeler underwent bilateral above-knee amputations in 2015 due to his serious leg injuries.

Tunnel to Towers’ Frank Siller remarked that his organization is constructing more smart houses in 2022 than in any prior year, and there is still a considerable amount of work to be done for so many of America’s heroes.

Fox News