Hope For Paws is a non-profit rescue organization located in Los Angeles.

One day, they received a call from a concerned citizen telling them about a scared and homeless mother dog and her puppy that were recently spotted at a construction site.

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, and his associate Lisa Chiarelli went out to the construction site to see if they could locate the mother dog and her puppy. They soon learned that a homeowner had sold their home and left the mother dog behind.

While living on the streets she became pregnant and returned to the construction site each day with her puppy. They went back to seek shelter in a trash can that was tipped over on the ground.

If that wasn’t sad enough, various kids from the neighborhood had stolen the mother dog’s other puppies.

Unsure if they would be able to find the dogs, they went to look anyway. After looking around for a few moments, they found the mother dog resting in the trash can. Behind her nestled in her fur was her puppy.

The mother dog was afraid at first and growled at Hagar and Chiarelli. They remained calm and kept handing her food while petting her and soothing her with their soft voices.

It was clear the two had been living on the streets for awhile. They were hungry and dirty. After working with them for about 30 minutes Hagar and Chiarelli were able to gain the mother dog’s trust and pick her and the puppy up to put them into their vehicle.

Once they got home and cleaned up, they were well on their way to a new future.

Chiarelli decided to name the mother dog Zoe, and the puppy Meadow. They shared a video of the two dogs all cleaned up and it’s the cutest thing.

They were comforted by warm blankets, and toys to play with.

From seeing them wag their tails and playing together, it was clear that the two were happy to have been rescued. In no time, little meadow was even napping so peacefully on a fuzzy pink blanket… All the playing wore him out.

Zoe and Meadow are now up for adoption and looking for their forever home. We are so glad for the Hope For Paws rescue stepping up and giving them a second chance. They truly helped these sweet pups more than they know!

You can watch the video of their rescue and their story below:

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