Everybody loves a quality feel good story. Maybe it is a video of a dog excitedly wagging its tail when their owner gets home. Or maybe it is a video of a family being reunited with their military mom or dad. No matter the context or characters, if it leaves you with a smile and a warm heart, you’ll be content for the rest of the day.

Some of my favorite classic, feel good stories involve children. Kids tend to make the funniest faces or the most hilariously innocent comments that will leave you in tears of joy and side stiches from laugher. Even the youngest babies who can’t talk have become the highlight of some of the internet’s most popular stories.

This currently trending story of an adorable baby is no different.

A video one mom uploaded online is taking over the internet. The precious video went viral so quickly because of her newborn baby’s hilarious reaction to the mom’s display of love and affection.

The video depicts a mother holding her sweet, newborn daughter. The loving mother leans in to kiss her newborn baby when something totally unexpected but completely amazing happens.

After the mom leans back, the baby puckers her lips as if she wants another kiss or maybe even wants to kiss her mother back!

For obvious reasons, the mom dies of laughter at this too cute for life scene. Full of joy, she leans back in to kiss her sweet child and yet again the baby puckers up! No video may ever compare to the adorableness displayed in this one.

I think we can all agree that this may or may not be the most precious scene we have ever witnessed. It is no wonder the mom can’t stop laughing in the video. With a child that hilariously cute at such a young age, I think we would all be full of uncontrollable laughter.

This wonderful video is taking the internet like wildfire with not surprisingly over 3 million likes and shares on Facebook.

Everybody seems to love sharing the joy of this video with their friends. Thank you to the mom who originally shared it. You have made the days of so many people worldwide!

Don’t be afraid to share your own precious moments. Who knows, they might become the highlight of someone’s day

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