man saves officer

A man by the name of Daylan McLee hates the police because of being sent to jail for a false accusation of pulling a gun on a police officer and countless traffic stops, ends up saving an officer from a car crash.

When CBS asked McLee what happens with the traffic stops, he replied, “Oh, a typical run-in is you’re just pulling out from your house and you get pulled, no traffic violations.”

CBS continued, “How does that make you feel about police, in general?”

He replied, “Definitely a lot of animosity, as in, if I see them, I want to go the other way,”

The incident was a bad traffic accident involving a police car. The car’s door was stuck, leaving the officer trapped inside, and there was a gas leak with flames heading toward the cabin of the car. Another officer who arrived at the scene tried to get the door open but it did not budge. That’s when McLee stepped to help.

McLee said, “I don’t know how I got that door open, and I grabbed him out.”

“All of a sudden the door just gets ripped open,” said Jay Hanley, the officer McLee rescued.

Hanley also said, “It’s amazing when there’s true love in people and they can get you out of something like that — no matter who you are or where you come from. There should be more people like that.”

A while after the incident happened, they greeted each other.

McLee went over to Hanley’s house to check up on him and his family. Despite his bad past with the police, he still believes that there are good officers too.

McLee said to Hanley, “We’re waiting for you to get back out there.”

Hanley replied, “I appreciate it, man, thank you.”

McLee said that he doesn’t think people should paint certain groups with such a broad brush.

“I want people to start to look at everybody as Americans and not, ‘He’s White, he’s Black, he’s Asian.’ We’re people, and when we start realizing that, things should get better.”