1,000 miles to Ukraine
Tom Littledyke

Tom Littledyke, a former UK Royal Marine, has loaded a 16-seat bus with a lot of toys, sleeping bags, and pillows for the refugees that are fleeing their country due to the Russian invasion. 

He plans to drive 1,000 miles along the Ukraine border and into Poland to personally deliver these items to people.

The 31-year-old Tom Littledyke has started his journey on February 28 and was inspired by images of families being separated and broken because of the conflict. 

Littledyke has started a fundraiser for people to donate money to help him pay for all of the supplies and toys to be delivered. In just 12 hours the fundraiser already raised $5,300 for the trip. 

He said on BBC, “Too often do we think that we have to do something grand and if it can’t be grand what’s the point. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as it’s something in the right direction. There’s so many of us who want to help, it will all build to this gigantic thing.”

The 1,000-mile trip will take him through England, France, Germany, and Poland before he reaches his end destination with his cargo at the border with Ukraine, where around 500,000 refugees fled from Ukraine to avoid any conflict. 

After he unloads the bus, he plans to use it to give rides to people who need to go to safe locations to stay. 

When he was asked about how he felt about doing this adventure and asked if he was scared he said: “I’m full of emotions and clear drive… I’m inspired by how inspired people have been to make this happen.”

This goes to show how much this man values giving the services he can provide when they are needed most.

Littledyke’s partner will look after his two pubs and his Italian restaurant while he is on this long journey.