dog lay on bed

Many dogs love the simple things in life. Some like playing fetch, some like eating food, and some even enjoy laying on their bed. When dogs get that sweet and glorious taste of the luxurious lifestyle, they will never turn back. Once Max learned about his owner’s luscious bed, he wouldn’t move until he heard one word.

This hilarious video began with Max laying on his owner’s bed. His owner was trying to get him off of it, but he wouldn’t budge.

She begins by saying, “Come on, you big baby, come on.”

Max didn’t budge even a little bit. This was going on for a while until his owner finally says that she will give him a treat if he gets off.

She asked, “Would you get off the bed for a treat?”

This did not work as she thought it would because Max continued to lay on the bed. (This would have worked for me, but to my surprise, not for Max.) After a little more of this, she started gently tugging on his paw hoping he would eventually get off, but no sign of movement was seen. Finally, she pulled out the big guns. She stepped a few feet back from the bed, and yelled “Squirrel!” As soon as this word came out of Maxs’ owner’s mouth, he jumped straight out of the bed and headed right for the door at full speed.

The dog and squirrel rivalry has been going on for decades. Although dogs are known for hating squirrels and chasing them down, the reason why might surprise you. Research shows that dogs perk up or get agitated over words that they don’t hear often. The everyday words like sit, come here and lay down, don’t have as much of an effect as the word squirrel does. This causes the dogs to have a greater neural activation. I guess dogs and squirrels will never get along.

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