Andrea was called into court for parking tickets that had been unpaid for years, some of which she wasn’t even aware of.  The tickets just kept adding up.

Judge Frank Caprio said, “we’ve been keeping track of you”. Then the conversation turned to Andrea’s more recent tickets, and that’s when things took a heartbreaking turn.

Andrea revealed that her son had been killed. In the wake of her son’s death, the social security office cut her check because her son owed $75. When Andrea left the social security office, she found a parking ticket on her windshield.

The year just got worse spiraling out of control.  Andrea was evicted from her apartment and when she came out of court from settling that matter she found another ticket.

“It’s like I can’t win,” she tearfully told the judge.

She tearfully explained that she was still paying for her son’s funeral, struggling to find another apartment and these tickets. She told the Judge that she is on antidepressants and feels “empty and lost.”

Judge Caprio asked if she could pay the reduced amount when she says yes he asks her one final question.  How much will that leave you with?  She tells him $5.  His sympathy toward Andrea and her circumstances are admirable.

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