50 Moms Perform Astounding Carpool Karaoke Bringing Famous Host To Tears

The most beautiful karaoke performance...EVER!!

Olympic Bobsledder Dedicates Game Changing Win To Her Son

Olympic Win
Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor is an olympic bobsledder. She was born in Oceanside, California but did not grow up there. She grew up with her family in Douglasville, Georgia. Her dad was a professional football player. She attended college on a scholarship and graduated...

Hero Jumps Into Chilly Waters To Save Toddler Flung Into The Ocean After Crash

It was just a normal Sunday for Jonathan Bauer who was out running errands with his 13 year old daughter. Then, while on a bridge crossing the Assawoman Bay in Ocean City, Maryland a truck lost control. "The first thing I remember is hearing the tires...