Rockingham, WA, is honoring a dog after it saved the life of an elderly man who was stuck outside for two days.

Zeus, the dog, was playing in his backyard when he alerted his owner, Mick Condo, of the distressed man.

“I was out gardening, and Zeus went over near the fence and started whimpering,” Condo told Daily Mail Australia. “He wouldn’t come away. It’s very different from him, he’s a good dog. So I went over there to see what’s going on.”


When he got to the fence, Condo heard the quiet cry for help coming from his elderly neighbor. “I could hear him faintly, saying, ‘Help me, I think I’ve broken my hip. I’ve been lying here for two days.’”

The man was found with almost no time to spare. He was dehydrated, pale, and his lips were cracked and bleeding.  Condo quickly called the EMTs and the elderly man was taken to a hospital.


He is now in recovery but the family is asking that no additional information be released. Condo apparently honored Zeus with a steak for his heroism. “He is a class dog, just incredible, such a lovable dog,” Condo ended with.

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