This is a heartwarming story about Messy and Audi, and if you are a dog owner, then you will probably understand the fascinating mystery of dogs and how they communicate with each other.

Our tale (tail) takes place in a neighborhood in a city of Thailand where two handsome dogs live across the street from each other. The only sad thing, Messy and Audi are separated by fences, but that has not stopped the intensity of their canine bond from developing.

Oranit Kittragul is the owner of the yellow lab named Messy, and she would often hear Audi, a husky, alone in the yard crying. Messy’s home has a large fence in the front, and Audi’s property has a fence also. Kittragul would often tell Messy to talk to Audi from his own fence across the street to soothe his crying. Audi’s owner goes to work for long hours every day and has to leave Audi without any company.

There’s always an exchange of barking going on, and Kittragul admits that she doesn’t know what the two canines are expressing to each other over the fences, but their canine communication seems to always calm Audi down, and the husky stops crying.

One day, Kittragul forgot to lock the gate to their fence, and Messy ran for freedom across the street to visit Audi. This up close and personal Kodak moment is a winner.

It’s quite obvious from the photos that the canine pair are actually hugging each other. Kittragul was able to capture the beautiful, tender bonding between the two dogs, and her photo has since gone viral.

According to dog experts, when two canines are barking and using body language, they are communicating real thoughts and actions. Canines share a secret language that humans can never fully figure out, and dogs are truly social animals.

For example, when dogs rear up on their hind legs as seen in the gorgeous photos of Messy and Audi, this means a sign of affection between the two. A paw slap is another good sign and translates that dogs trust each other. Even biting each other is alright because the canines are simply wanting to play.

Tail wagging is another indication of how a dog is feeling. Animal biologists claim that when the tail is wagging more to the right side, it’s a positive feeling. If you detect a dog’s tail wagging going more to the left side, it is a negative feeling.

Then there’s the bark; that’s how our canines “speak.” Dogs love barking, and experts say the pitch or volume of the bark determines the canine’s emotional level. If either increase, then the dog’s emotions are heightened.

Messy’s and Audi’s owners hope to bring the adorable dogs together more often now.

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Article via Today