Theresia Brandl put on her orange and black cap and gown. She has waited decades for this moment. And the time has finally come for her to walk across that stage.

When Theresia was younger, she was given an ultimatum-finish school or help her mother with the house and siblings. She chose her mother.

Now, Theresia, 105 years old, who lives in a personal care home in Oakdale, was able to finally receive her diploma after all these years. Her secret to living such a long life?

“Just living, watching ball games and football games,” she said.

Twilight Wish, is a foundation that celebrates seniors and makes their dreams come true. And that is exactly what they did for Theresia.

She walked across the stage at Sto-Rox High School in Pennsylvania, and was handed her long awaited diploma, surrounded by her friends and family. And after, they were able to celebrate.

I am so proud of Brandl for doing this, and for achieving her dream! She definitely deserves it!

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