There is a belief that an owner does not choose their pet, the pet chooses them. And honestly, they couldn’t be more right, especially after hearing this story.

Abbey recently started working for the SPCA, and was loving her job. And what made it even better? A little pup named Ted.

During one of her longer shifts, Ted was brought in to the shelter, and Abbey was one of the first people he met. He was unwilling to interact with her, or anyone else for that matter. He was timid and scared, and just wanted to be alone.

But once Abbey came over to him with some cheese flavored bacon bits, his personality changed, and he began to pay attention to her.

Afterward, she tried to get him a larger kennel, and then went about her normal day’s work, and went home after her shift was over.

After Abbey finished her second job at the local airport, she came back to her house only to find 2 eyes staring back at her on her front porch.

She was wary of the dog. Who wouldn’t be? She didn’t know who the dog was, and was scared that he would maybe lash out and attack her.

But as she got closer, she saw something on her nose that made her heart drop. This dog shared the same nick on his nose as Ted.

She immediately called her workplace, where they confirmed that Ted did in fact, escape. They had no idea how he even escaped, and travel over 5 kilometers just to find her. But somehow and someway he did.

Out of all the houses around, Ted followed his nose and gut, and ended up at the house of the girl who decided to feed him bacon bits. What broke Abbey’s heart, was the fact that no dogs are allowed at her current residence. But they have such a strong bond, that Abbey is determined to make him her own.

Abbey is now working on moving and adopting Ted, that way he will never have to travel far for his favorite treat-cheesy bacon bits.

It is so amazing that Ted found his way back to Abbey’s house, and we are so happy that they have found each other. And we definitely hope it all works out, and that Abbey will be able to adopt him.

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