Everyone has had a close call with something in their lives. Whether they almost missed something, or even almost lost their own lives. But luckily, when it comes to close calls, something is always there to save you, and to rescue you. But this one, well, that almost DIDN’T happen…

This dad was just working on something, listening to his children talk as they walked around. Everything seemed fine, and there was no big deal. And then he heard it.

The kids voices were going further away, and a car sound was coming closer. As soon as he turned around and saw what was about to happen, he lunged forward, attempting to grab the children before they could be hit by the car.

Luckily, he got there just in time, because no one was injured, and the kids were safe. But his quick reaction? I still can’t get over that! Just watch this video, it is absolutely INSANE!

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