When these nearby locals first heard crying coming from a tank, from which they used to dump their garbage, they were understandably concerned. How could they not be? If I heard crying coming from some garbage, I would definitely want to investigate. But it was at that very moment, that they made a shocking discovery.

When they went to take a look, they started pushing away some of the dirt. As they did so, they found a tiny leg poking out. The villagers began to freak out, not knowing what to do. Right in front of them, was everyone’s worst fear. An innocent baby had been buried alive and was still fighting for his life.

The baby was crying and screaming, fighting for his life. They didn’t know how long he had been buried, but it was long enough that they could tell his health was already deteriorating.

They gently lifted the baby out, and some of them broke into tears. The poor baby had a cut on his head, and was severely dehydrated. They quickly rushed him to the local midwife and began asking her for help.

She told them to take the baby to the health center, to where they received a referral to a hospital. And after that, they had to report their finding to the police.

“The main thing the baby survived and they were taken to intensive care and are being treated in hospital,” said Indramayu Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner, Fajarudin Arif.

Now the police are looking for the parents of the child. But we are just happy that this little guy was found before it was too late. Because it very easily could have ended as a tragedy.

This little guy is a miracle for surviving all of that, and we truly hope he goes to a loving and caring home after being released from the hospital. Keep on fighting little buddy!

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Article via NTD.tv