Down the southeast coast into states such as Florida and parts of Georgia and South Carolina, first responders and volunteers have been a pretty common sight after Hurricane Irma hit.

Among the police officers, EMTs, firefighters and other volunteers, a nun wanted to be counted in to help too and she took her missions work to the next level.

Sister Margaret Ann said, “There was a need, I had the means, so I wanted to help out.”

She previously worked at the Archbishop Coleman F. Carroll High School in Florida for 30 years.

Seeing all of the debris and road blockages made her think of the chainsaw that the school kept in their closet. She wanted to help and didn’t give a second thought to hacking away at a tree in the road, even if it was considered unusual, she did whatever it took.

Since her act of kindness, photos have been blowing up and going viral all over the internet of Sister Margaret Ann bearing her chain saw.

She stated during a live CNN interview, “We teach our students: DO what you can to help other people, don’t think of yourselves. That’s what I wanted to do.”

An off-duty Miami Dade police officer happened to see Sister Margaret Ann hacking away, while with her kids. She captured a video of her cutting apart the tree and posted it onto the department’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

The officer told her “You know though, Sister, the police will do this.” and her response was, “but it’s going to take them too long…it’s dangerous, people are going to get hurt here.”

She was determined and had a plan, and soon after, a few people from the neighborhood even helped her make sure that cars could pass and not have to be stuck because of the fallen tree.

As a result of a damaged air conditioner, downed trees over 40 acres, and a hole in the wall, she does not know when her school will be open again.

While she is not working at the school, she will continue carrying out the Lord’s work in the debris filled streets. She wants to help as many as she can, along side many others doing the same thing.

Sister Margaret says, “The community will come out and help us. That’s what we do. It’s good.”

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