Dogs can sit, dogs can play dead, dogs can fetch a stick, dogs can chase their tail. But can dogs laugh? It’s a great question and believe it or not, some really smart people have been studying this question since the 1960’s!

Meet Konrad Lorenz and Paticia Simonet. They are two scientists who have investigated this issue. The field is called gelotology, or the study of laughing. It’s a wide open field because there is still a lot to be learned about human laughing. So certainly there is a vacuum of understanding regarding the likelihood of a dog’s laughter.


But recently Lorenz and Simonet believe they have an answer to the question of a dogs ability to laugh. . . the short answer is: They do!

Our smart scientists have been studying dog lips and their formation when panting and playing. They have investigated the sounds dogs make and even though it usually does not sound exactly like laughter, they have concluded that there is a definite correlation.

These studied sounds, along with wagging tails and other body language have been interpreted as laughter. It is especially prevalent when dogs lean down, put their paws forward, their head down and rear end up with a wagging tail. Apparently all of these are signs that mirror laughter.

At, we didn’t need a scientist’s explanation. Just look at the 6 second Youtube video below. Who needs more proof than this?

The real question to be studied is: Is your dog laughing with you or at you?