Back in March, the Howard County Police Department got a call from a person who said they found a storage container in a grassy area. The lid had holes that were drilled into it, and inside, was a sight that no animal lover wants to see. A poor emaciated puppy had been crammed inside.

They rushed on over to see what they could do for this poor pup. They began rehabilitating him right away and nicknamed him Eddy.

At the clinic, the vets there said that he was extremely malnourished, had numerous open wounds, was missing fur and was covered in his own waste. It was a devastating sight.

He began treatment, and they began to see an improvement within a day. They continued treatments until he had fully recovered.

The shelter initially had posted about the pup and his story. Immediately they were flooded with requests to adopt the little guy. But of course, they had to wait until he made a full recovery.

Now, just one short month later, Eddy found his forever home and is doing better than expected. He found a loving owner and was ecstatic to finally have a home.

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