Everyone knows that when it comes down to food and hunting down their prey, killer whales are vicious. That’s why they are called killer whales. But what most people don’t know is that these killer whales, or their real name, Orca whales, are actually very playful, and love to have fun. And that’s exactly what this whale was doing within her pod (Group of whales) when suddenly, she was stranded on a bunch of rocks. And the chances of her survival? Slim to none.

Being stuck on the rocks caused her distress and made her panic. She didn’t know how she was going to escape. And it seemed like her life was already ending. The poor orca faced pain after being trapped against her will, and her body was overcome with fear.

This orca thought no one was going to come and save her. But before she knew it, animal rescue workers were on the scene. They had everything they needed to get the orca freed and back into the water, but they soon realized that her size may be the problem.

The poor girl was definitely a lot bigger than what the crew imagined, and they had to come up with a plan to get her off the rocks without causing her more harm. But that was easier said than done, and they were beginning to run out of time.

The orca had been stranded for too long, and her skin was drying out. Some of the workers were then ordered by Hermann Meuter to place wet blankets on the whale, as well as pour buckets of water on her to keep her hydrated.

She was getting weaker and weaker as time went on, and time was ticking by. The rescue team worked hard and continuously for eight hours, waiting for mother nature to bring in the tide so she would be able to slip free since she was too big for them to lift back into the water. And before they knew it, this lady was back in the water, free at last.

We are so thankful that this rescue team worked so hard to make sure that this whale would be just fine, and waited until she was free. They are true heroes!

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Article via AWM