When dogs are bred, they are usually bred to produce the best quality puppies possible. But sometimes, things don’t necessarily turn out the way they want, and the puppies are born with some disabilities. And that’s exactly what happened with this little pup.

This five-week-old Yorkshire Terrier was rejected by her breeder because she was born blind. She was then taken to the vets where they were going to be putting her down. But then one nurse decided to do something that is absolutely stunning.

This concerned nurse stepped in, and saved the day, taking the little puppy, named Bea, with her, and taking her where she won’t be put down.

Bea is now at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and loving every minute of her life! She even received treatment, and is now able to see a little bit, so she is no longer completely blind. And because of all of this, she is completely full of life!

We are so proud of this nurse for taking little Bea away from euthanasia, and for giving her a second chance at life. We are so unbelievably happy for Bea, and we are so glad she can now somewhat see!

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