It has always been a dangerous job… but serving in the police force today is more dangerous than it has ever been.  Can you imagine the toll it must take on the officer’s spouse and children?  Two young children face their father leaving each day to serve their community and keep their neighborhood safe.  Recently, when he left the house in uniform to go to work, he was stunned to see what his kids were doing next to his squad car.

His son and daughter were down on their hands and knees praying for their dad’s safety.  His heart must have been broken to see how real the impact of his job is on his precious family.  He also must have been full of gratitude that his children would take the time to care for him in such a wonderful way.  I am also sure he must have been blessed to know that they believed in the power of prayer.

This is a time when all of our officers need our prayer.  When you pray for them, would you also include their families who have to watch them leave for work each day?

These children have not only touched the hearts of their dad but the nation as well.  People from all over America have been sending their love and support through the Facebook page.  Even in the midst of chaos within our culture, there are thousands and thousands of people who care and will pray.  But for this dad, the two most important people are praying, and that is what matters the most.

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