Most people see them as dangerous, but there is at least one woman who sees this breed of dog as a life-saver.  This is a shocking story about a pure breed pit bull in Grand Rapids, Michigan who kept a woman from being a victim of domestic violence and possible abduction.


The pit bull’s name is “Blitz.”  He witnessed the horrifying scene from his screen door.  The woman next door was being beaten and dragged across the street.  Just as the frightened woman screamed “Help me,” the two-year-old, 100 pound dog “blitzed” into action!  He managed to open the door and ran straight towards the attacker.  He never bit the violent man, but scared him enough to get him to loosen his grip on the woman.  She picked herself up and ran with Blitz into his home where she called the police.  When the police arrived, they were able to arrest the man and they found a knife in his pocket.

Blitz’s owner, who wants to remain anonymous, shared how proud she was of her dog and she also relayed that Blitz is “great with my kids, he’s just wonderful.”

What a great story to counter how most people feel about pit bulls.  This particular hound is certainly a hero!  Watch and share this wonderful video.