If you saw a car accident along the road, what would you do? Would you keep driving? Would you call 911? Or would you stop, and actually help? Well, I can only hope that given the situation, I would pull over to help immediately, just like these men.

A semi-truck had rammed full speed into cars stopped along the highway due to construction, which ended up causing a tragic chain reaction, with 8 cars piled up.

“There’s gas leaking everywhere, and diesel leaking everywhere. I knew it was going to blow up. That’s 100%” said Marc Oswald, the co-owner of Fontanel and Oswald Entertainment Group.

It hadn’t blown up, but there was black smoke everywhere, and the smell of acid was evident in the air. Things weren’t looking good, and they didn’t have much time before the explosion would occur.

Luckily, in front of the pileup of cars hit, was a 10 person motorcycle crew, who were on their way to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

“I can’t get the sound out of my head. An 18-wheeler that just plowed into these people. I saw all this debris going everywhere,” said Frank Wing, who Is the vice president of APA talent agency.

People were screaming, no one knew what to do. Except for the Oswald brothers, Marc and Greg. They had been paramedics for 10 years, and knew the first thing they had to do was to get in touch with 911 operators. Then, they began to get bystanders organized, making sure everyone was okay.

They went vehicle to vehicle, pulling victims from every car and taking them to safety. They ended up rescuing a family of six, with children from ages 6-11. They then saved a few guys who were stuck in a pick-up truck, and then a woman who was stuck in a car, screaming as if her life depended on it.

The problem with the woman was, they couldn’t get her out. Her car looked like an accordion, and she was completely trapped. They then organized a group of 10 guys, and together, dragged the entire car across the highway so that she would be away from the fire (once it started) until help arrived.

And they did it just in time, because as soon as they got her over there, flames erupted throughout numerous cars, and hers would have been one of them.

Emergency responders didn’t arrive until 10 minutes later, and if these men, including Frank Wing, hadn’t been there to help, the outcome would not have been that great.

“It was a trip. I’m still tripped out by it. For me, I was pretty amped up. There’s no doubt, had we not sprung into action like we did, there would’ve been fatalities,” said Wing.

We are so thankful that these men were there to help these victims! They have shown that everyone can be an ordinary hero!

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