It’s hard to believe, but Arianna at 7 years old looked at the night sky and asked: “What’s that?” She had never seen the moon before. This little girl had spent the last five years of her life in a San Diego hospital ward, isolated from childhood experiences. . .isolated from the night sky.


Arianna’s mother had abandoned her because she was unable to care for a child with such medical needs. She suffers from a neuromuscular disease similar to Lou Gehrig’s diseases. She must be fed through a tube and has to use a ventilator to breath.

Recently, Arianna met Barbara Fischer, a single mother to 14 children. Ten of those children were adopted with significant disabilities. Arianna has become her youngest and probably her last adopted daughter.

Arianna was brought from her isolation into a home filled with love and laughter. And best of all, she met Alexander James, or AJ for short. AJ is 9 and the 9th of Fischer’s adopted children. Just like Arianna, he suffers from a terminal disorder. AJ has recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa. This is a disease that makes it impossible for his skin to properly anchor to his body. So painful red welts cover AJ’s body.

It’s hard to imagine a single mother caring for two children in conditions like this, but Fischer believes that having the two together will lessen their isolation in her home. She believes that they will gain strength from one another both socially and psychologically. And this new sister and brother have “clicked.” Fischer said that it has been “the best match of all my kids.”

This amazing lady dreamed when she was young of having her own orphanage. So for much of her adult life, she has taken care of children that nobody else wanted.

“I have been called a saint many times,” Fischer said. “And I tell people in reality I’m a little bit insane to do what I’ve done. It is my passion. That’s all I can say.”

Barbara Fischer is insanely kind and insanely strong. Please share this story of a wonderful woman.