OK Gladwire.com Family. . .we want to hear from you on this! Tell us what you think about the new law that was just passed in France: Every citizen in France has automatically become an organ donor unless they decide to opt out.

Credit: http://www.independent.co.uk

The new rule came into effect January 1st and now France is in alignment with a number of other European countries like Spain and Austria. They each have  “presumed consent” which means that everyone is a donor of organs at death unless they have chosen not to in life.

In France, you will have to sign up at the new National Rejection Register if you do not want to donate your organs, and medical teams will just check that register at the time of death. A total of 150,000 people have already signed that register.

In the United States only about 15,000 people donate their organs each year and there are over 119,000 people on the waiting list for organs. There is a new person added to the list every 10 minutes. 95% of the people in the U.S. support organ donation, but only 48% of our people are actually signed up. Every day 22 people die in our country waiting for a transplant. (see www.organdonor.gov)

Should we join the ranks of France, Spain and Austria? What do you think Gladwire.com Family?