Firemen don’t always get the credit they deserve, they’re always running into burning buildings, dealing with hazardous material at accidents, and helping those in need when they need it most. They give their all in times of need and they don’t often get the recognition that they deserve.

It is, after all, their job. The other’s that don’t get the recognition that they deserve in horrific events like house fires? Pets. Often times you will hear the dog waking the family up in a fire. They are family heroes, but unfortunately for this kitten, he was all alone.

This small, orange bundle of fur was home alone when a house fire broke out in the 3300 block of Houston Street, Indianapolis. The house was fully involved when help arrived.

The firemen had no idea if anyone was home or if there were any occupants when they arrived. They each took their jobs and went on about their way.

Most firemen in small towns are volunteer firemen that don’t get paid; They do it out of the kindness of their own heart. While the Indianapolis Fire Department is not volunteer, that does not make their intentions any lesser.

They searched the house and in minutes one fireman found the orange bundle laying helplessly on the floor–Lost and scared in the smoke. The fireman immediately took the scared kitten out for fresh air.

Had it not been for that fireman that day, there wouldn’t have been a chance that, that cute little kitten would have lived. The cats life would have been taken by smoke inhalation or being burned alive.

Because that fireman knew to look low after hearing the cat meow, he found the kitten saving his life and giving him the ability to see one more day. Giving him his ability to get all of his nine lives.

After that kitten was given oxygen at the scene a neighbor was said to have taken the kitten back to their home so that the firemen could focus on what they do best, helping!

While the house sustained sever smoke damage and heavy fire damage the cat came out alive. While it is unfortunate that the house sustained the damage that it did, it is wonderful that no one was injured–Not even those working the fire or the poor kitten that was trapped inside!

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