I think we can all agree that although some change can be tough, there is still a level of excitement when it comes to newness. Whether it be something as large as a house or a car or something as small as a pair of shoes or a pillow, we are just thrilled that whatever it is, it’s new.

Well, it turns out humans are not the only ones who leap for joy when they get something new. Animals can experience just as much excitement, if not more. Christy the West Highland Terrier is a perfect example.

In a video that recently went viral, Christy is seen simply ecstatic in her new home and her excited actions will leave you in tears of joy with a side of stitches from laughter.

The lovable dog, Christy, was recently adopted from a shelter by her new owner in Florida.

Now, Christy is blessed with a whole new family, lots of new toys, and plenty of new friends. She is not excited solely by the new people, home, and even toys, though. In the video, we see that Christy is fascinated by the clear, glass backdoor. She saw something outside that spelled love at first sight; a pool.

I’ve never seen a dog respond with such enthusiasm to something so common!

The owner asks Christy, “Is that your pool? Did you want to go swim in it? You do? How bad? Really?” To each question, Christy responds with loads of leaps, joyous barks, and plenty of tail wagging. The owner responds, “Okay,” and opens the back door. Without missing a beat, Christy goes zooming across the patio and sails into the pool.

The roughly one minute video is full of leaps and barks from Christy, expressing her love for the pool. At one point, she hops out of the pool and just when you think it is over she plunges right back in, unable to get enough of the fun.

This video will leave everyone, whether you are a dog lover or not, with a smile on their face and a pep in their step. Christy taught us to find the joy in every little daily activity. I bet if we all live with the excitement and charisma of Christy the world would be a much brighter and more joyful place to live.

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Source: goodfullness.com