Everyone loves dogs, but it seems like the older they get, the less people love them, and want to get rid of them and get a new puppy instead. It’s the sad truth. Many can’t tolerate what all comes with having an elderly dog. And sadly for Dreadlock, that seemed to be his case,

Dreadlock the dog is almost 10 years old, and has spent the past 4 years in a shelter. He came in with severe skin problems, and his fur was disgusting. But that’s exactly how he got his name, Dreadlock.

This old guy mat seem tough, but he “loves his cuddles and his walks, but he is generally a placid, quiet, older dog, who doesn’t get excited about much,” said the Sol Dog Foundation.

But it was volunteer Darren, that made his day so much brighter when he said these words. And it was those words that had Dreadlock doing a little happy dance! And that dance put a smile on my face!

Dreadlock will be leaving soon for his forever home in the UK, and will finally have a peaceful, and loving life!

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