Watch: Teen Hero Dives In Ocean To Save Drowning Woman Trapped In Car

driver in water
A teenage boy jumped in after a young woman after she unintentionally drove into the ocean. When 18-year-old Mia Samolinski was pulling her Subaru Outback out of a parking space near the Long Island docks in Patchogue Bay, she accidentally used the accelerator rather than...

Mother Overcomes Adversity Creating A Powerful Moment At Sons Wedding

mom with son
A groom danced with his mother, who is unable to walk, in an emotional scene recorded on camera. After the son and his wedding planner published footage of the wonderful scene on social media, Zak Poirier and his mother, Kathy Poirier, became viral. More than three...

VIDEO: School Janitor Does Some Quick Thinking When He Opens A Door & Is Greet With Sharp Teeth

mountain lion in school
Wednesday morning at a Northern California high school, a custodian safely confined a cougar, who was just curiously walking around, in an empty classroom. At around 8:23 a.m. the sheriff's office received a call from the school that there was a mountain lion in the...

Owners Give Dog Plate Of New Food, Her Reaction Is Hysterical

she may have better manners than most kids.

Woman Gets A Free Couch On Craigslist & Her Jaw Drops When She Discovers What’s Inside

free couch
A woman from California was sitting on a couch not realizing that directly under her was a large sum of money. The couch she had from Craigslist was a treasure box that she got for free. Vicky Umodu had just moved into her new home in...

Dog Saves Owner After Vicious Showdown With Mountain Lion

dog fights lion
A California hiker recently avoided an attack from a mountain lion as her dog risked its life and saved her. Erin Wilson was on a hiking trail in California called the big bar pass with her dog, a Belgian shepherd named Eva when the big...