Company Finds Creative Solution That Feeds Stray Dogs And Cats For Free!

They wanted to create a stable environment for the stray dogs and cats.

Never Give Up! Bullied 12 Year Old Boy Sticks With His Passion & Becomes A Sensation

gabriel with bowl
After a 12-year-old’s dad reached out to Twitter for support, his son went viral. Gabriel Clark, a 12-year-old boy from Cumbria, England, has been working with wood since he was just 4-years-old. His father, Richard Clark, who is a film director, told Fox News about...

Baby Tries Lemon For First Time, Reaction Is Adorable

baby eats lemon
It is super exciting when a baby graduates from eating their baby food and starts to get used to eating normal solid food. When a baby is ready to eat normal food, all we want to see is our little ones trying new foods...

Man Risks his Life to Save 2 Year Old from Drowning

Mas saves toddler
There are many stories of courageous people selflessly saving the lives of others, but this story stands out. One day, Jonathan Bauer and his teen daughter were out and about when all of a sudden they got involved in a 5 car pile up...

Adorable Baby Starts Dancing To Music, Video Is Amazing

Baby Dance
When we see a baby, we automatically think it is the cutest thing and is super adorable. But when a baby smiles, giggles, talks to themself, or even dances, we think it is the most adorable thing. On long car rides, short car rides,...

One Of The Last Payphones In The Country Saves A Young Boy’s Life

payhone help
Payphones are still around in the United States, despite what people think. A man from Minnesota has kept a working vintage payphone at the edge of his property ever since last fall. Although the phone has drawn the attention of just the curious neighbors, it...

Toddler saves his family from burning house

boy saves family from fire
Two-year-old Brandon Dahl walked into his parent's bedroom and woke up the sleeping parents to warn them about something going on around the house, according to Kayla Dahl. Dahl told “Good Morning America”, "He tapped me on my feet in bed and was coughing and...