Travolta Delivers A Beautiful Tribute After Olivia Newton-John Passes Away

On August 8, 2022, John Easterling, husband of Olivia Newton-John announced that the "Grease" star had finally succumb to her 30 year battle with breast cancer. The actress died peacefully in her home surrounded by family and friends. "Dame Olivia Newton-John (73) passed away peacefully at...

An Elderly Man Seen Writing On Money Is Asked A Question & His Answer Is Astounding

Man giving people notes with money
Kevin Cate, a former spokesperson for Barack Obama's campaign, tweeted about a heartwarming encounter he had with a man who was handing out money along with a message inside a Florida Waffle House. Cate noticed a man in a seat putting notes to $1 and...

Watch: As The Waters Rise LAFD Rush Into Action To Save A Scared Four Legged Friend

dog rescue
The Los Angeles Fire Department has successfully pulled a dog out of a river, which ended up being a 2.5-hour rescue. The crew has made many other efforts to get this dog named Scooby to safety, including rescuing his owner. Before Scooby was brought to safety,...

Watch: Rescued Bear Is So Happy He Can’t Stop Jumping

bear jumping rescue cute
I can't even 'bear' how cute he is

Watch: A Cat Desperate For A Home Adopts A Cute Trick

cat wave
What makes cat people cat people. Is it the similar personalities between humans and cats? Maybe it is the excitement that comes with owning a cat. But there are some people that are absolutely not cat people. Cats also have different personalities just as humans...

Compassionate Nurse Sees Struggling New Mothers, Posts Little Note That Leaves Big Impact

No woman ever likes to step on the scale to reveal their weight. New moms can be especially sensitive to their results. Mariah Kaitlyn Herrera lost all of her self-love when she stepped on the scale postpartum. Thanks to one special nurse, new moms...

Watch: Woman Becomes A Guardian Angel After A Man Slips & Disappears From Sight

Man stuck under train
A quick-witted woman noticed a guy slip through the space between the carriage and the platform and managed to stop the train from departing in time to save him. Following the unusual mishap that caused him to fall and slither through the restricted area onto...

Two PeopleAre Very Thankful After He Saw Smoke Across Town & Sprinted Into Action

hotel caught on fire
Capt. Nate Barber of the Nantucket Fire Department was taking advantage of a day off on Saturday by taking his wife for a trip across the sleepy Massachusetts island town so they could have some coffee. He noticed smoke as they were moving. Whether on...

During The Game A Ref Dropped With No Pulse But Then An Unlikely Moonlighting Hero Flies Into Action

basketball player saves life
With the Toledo Glass City basketball team, Myles Copeland competes in minor league basketball. The 25-year-old enjoys playing basketball in addition to his day job as a fireman. On June 11, the team was scheduled to play against the Jamestown Jackals in one of the games. Front...

Brother and Sister Duo Take Internet By The Storm With Their Brilliant Voices

I wasn't ready for their voices or that moment on the end!