The Internet Reunites A Woman Who’s $100 Gave Them The Gift Of Freedom

Woman Helps
A $100 cash donation from a nice American on an airline journey 23 years ago inspired optimism in two young ladies leaving Yugoslavia during the country's collapse. They intended to track down the mystery woman after two decades, but they only knew her first name—Tracy. Their...

WATCH: Because of His Quick Thinking, He Saved A 6 Year Old Girl From Tragedy

girl kidnapped
When we wake up, we rarely expect our day to end with us achieving anything so extraordinary that we are hailed as a hero. However, that possibility is always present, and if we notice something that requires us to act, we should act immediately....

Couple Forced Apart Gets An Amazing Second Chance 40 Years Later

couple reunited
When they met at a young age In college they instantly fell in love. But things took a wrong turn and the pair broke up because of pressure from her mother. This quickly became the biggest regret of her life. Jeanne Gustavson told CBS News, "I...

‘Wonder Years’ Reboot In Peril After Fred Savage Gets Himself In Serious Trouble

wonder years
According to a legal source, Fred Savage could find himself in a fresh new lawsuit after being fired from his “wonder year’s reboot.” Following multiple complaints of misconduct in his role as executive producer and director, he was ousted from the tv show. 45-year-old Savage had...

Woman Calls Mother’s Son “Repulsive”, And Her Reply Is Nothing But Perfect

She could not believe what just came out of this woman's mouth