Medical Emergency Goes Wild Leaving Head Paramedic With A Shift He’ll Never Forget

Jeremy Williams had a heart attack
A paramedic who was attending to a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest suffered a heart attack and was saved by coworkers. Jeremy Williams, a 53-year-old senior emergency medical technician, gave the 30-year-old lady CPR at her house. However, the East of England Ambulance Service employee at...

Blind Woodworker Amazes Just Using Touch & Smell

blind woodturner
When most people think of woodturning, they envision someone carefully working a piece of wood on a lathe, using precise tools to create a beautiful and functional work of art. But for one blind woodturner, the process is entirely different. This extraordinary craftsman relies...

Firefighters Huddle Around Storm Drain-Then Begin Pulling Out These Little Babies

they were surprised when they pulled all 8 of them out

Bear Cub Is Unable To Keep Up With His Momma And Siblings, So Cop Comes To Save The Day

He knew it could potentially be dangerous, but he knew he had to help

Proposal Goes Wrong After Mother Nature Steps In

giraffe interrupts proposal
A lady was headbutted by a giraffe in a viral video posted on social media after her boyfriend proposed to her. In a video she shared on TikTok on Wednesday, Montserrat Cox's boyfriend proposed to her as they were feeding giraffes at a safari park. One...

“An Angel Caught Him”: Child Falls From 7-Story Window, And Walks Away Unharmed

He looked out, and couldn't believe what he saw on the ground

Rescuers Find Abandoned Dog At Gas Station, Then Notice The Heartbreaking Note On Collar

They didn't understand why someone would just abandon her