Photographer Finds Unexpected Surprise In Abandoned House

what she found, changed her life forever.

Watch: A Cat Desperate For A Home Adopts A Cute Trick

cat wave
What makes cat people cat people. Is it the similar personalities between humans and cats? Maybe it is the excitement that comes with owning a cat. But there are some people that are absolutely not cat people. Cats also have different personalities just as humans...

Pizza Shop Owner Selflessly Springs Into Action After Hearing A Bloodcurdling Shout From An Elderly Woman

pizza shop
When the 61-year-old Korean woman was seen by Louie Suljovic and his dad, they couldn’t resist but help the poor woman who was in grave danger. “We take care of our community," he told TODAY. One night when Louie Suljovic was working in his pizza...

‘Fixer Upper’ Contestants Pull Back The Curtain About What’s It’s Really Like To Be On The Show

chip and joanna
Chip and Joanna’s ‘Fixer Upper’ had become one of the most popular home renovations shows on television. Although people love the show, it may not be as ‘real’ as you may think. Former show contestants are sharing with us what it is like to be on...

After Watching His Best Friend Suffer In The Hospital One Teenager Couldn’t Just Sit There & Gives An Astounding Gift

teen brain damage
Marcos San Miguel and Jordan Sloan, best friends since sixth grade, have figured out exactly how strong their bond is over the last 18 months. The two connected over sports. San Miguel plays on the basketball team and Jordan Sloan plays on the football team,...

Woman Hesitates To Open Door But Changes Her Mind When Teen Hold Something Up To Camera

wallet returned $1500 good samaritan teenager
"It’s sad that I didn’t trust him to open my door."

Watch: Rescued Bear Is So Happy He Can’t Stop Jumping

bear jumping rescue cute
I can't even 'bear' how cute he is