They Said It Was Impossible But One Dad & His Quintuplets Smash A World Record & Honor His Wife

Dad running
The father of quintuplets, Chad Kempel, has a lot to be proud of. He just established a world record for running a half marathon in under two hours and 19 minutes while pushing his five young ones in a stroller. When Kempel crossed the finish...

VIDEO: WW2 Veteran Doesn’t Give Up On His Dream & At 95 Completes A Big Check Off His Bucket List

Sam Baker
Never give up on your dream! Sam Baker, World War 2 veteran, loved to read ever since he was in 9th grade but didn't discover his love for writing until he turned 95 years old. Sam Baker lives in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is now 99 years...

Brother and Sister Duo Take Internet By The Storm With Their Brilliant Voices

I wasn't ready for their voices or that moment on the end!

Woman Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night Shocked By What Two Bears Are Doing In Her Home

brawling bears
Two bears fighting in a woman's garage woke her up in the middle of the night. In a horrifying video, the creatures may be seen battling in a garage near Lake Tahoe, California. Terrified On her Ring doorbell camera, Lisa Quick captured the moment of drama. The...

Unlikely Friendship Between a Dog and a Duck, Video is Adorable

Dog Duck Relationship
Have you ever heard the term opposites attract? Well that must be true because this unlikely duo could not be farther from the opposite of each other. I bet you have heard of the duo between a dog and a cat, a cat and...

Unsolved 40-year-old mystery of NASCAR conman recouped the interest of fans as the Daytona 500 makes way.

NASCAR debut
The biggest race in NASCAR history is coming up, the Daytona 500. This springs up the 40-year-old mystery that so many fans are wondering about. Who is this guy and how did he do this. In May of 1982, L.W. Wright had the shortest NASCAR...

Adorable Puppy gets excited Every Time the Ice cream Truck Goes By, Video is Hilarious

Dog eats ice cream.
When we were children, we loved sugar. We would beg and beg our mom and dad for sugar whether it be candy, cake, or even ice cream. Sometimes we got our way, but most of the time the answer was no. And for good...