Groom-To-Be Expects First Look At Bride, But When He Turns Around He Bursts Out Laughing

The only thing he could manage to say was "I love you"

Their Beautiful Love Story Saved a Famous Chocolate Shop in NYC

Couples Love Story
Mark Libertini, co-owner of Aigner Chocolates in Queens, did not meet his co-owner and now wife through the chocolate shop. The couple actually met in Mark’s old tapas restaurant. Rachel Kellner, his now wife, was a regular and one time she even brought a...

Bashful Teen Faces Fear–After Seconds Of Being On Stage The Crowd Couldn’t Get Enough

They immediately stood on their feet and clapped and cheered.

82 Grandma Shows Her Grandkids Just How Tough She & Does It With Style

grandma breaks biking world record
A British grandmother, 82, has beaten the previous record for the oldest person to ride from Land's End to John O'Groats. When the grandmother of five reached John O'Groats on June 23, she celebrated her amazing voyage with a sizable slice of chocolate cake. Gina, who...

Little Boy Has Unexpected Reaction When His Mom Ate All His Candy, Video Is Priceless

Little Boy Candy
Children love their candy. They love the fact that it is sweet, sugary, and will make them bounce off the walls. When a little boy gets candy, all he wants to do is eat it. It consumes his brain and that is all he...

Adorable Baby Starts Dancing To Music, Video Is Amazing

Baby Dance
When we see a baby, we automatically think it is the cutest thing and is super adorable. But when a baby smiles, giggles, talks to themself, or even dances, we think it is the most adorable thing. On long car rides, short car rides,...

Unsolved 40-year-old mystery of NASCAR conman recouped the interest of fans as the Daytona 500 makes way.

NASCAR debut
The biggest race in NASCAR history is coming up, the Daytona 500. This springs up the 40-year-old mystery that so many fans are wondering about. Who is this guy and how did he do this. In May of 1982, L.W. Wright had the shortest NASCAR...

Brother and Sister Duo Take Internet By The Storm With Their Brilliant Voices

I wasn't ready for their voices or that moment on the end!