VIDEO: Man Who Hated The Police Puts His Life On The Line To Get An Officer Home To His Family

man saves officer
A man by the name of Daylan McLee hates the police because of being sent to jail for a false accusation of pulling a gun on a police officer and countless traffic stops, ends up saving an officer from a car crash. When CBS asked...

Video Of Teen Trapped In Tornado Turns Into An Amazing Story Of Community & Love

red truck tornado
A teenager from Texas was driving home from a job interview when his truck was picked up and whipped around by a tornado. A video by storm chaser and photojournalist Brian Emfinger has over 7 million views on Twitter. The teenager Ryley Leon, who is only...

Heroic Veterinarian Goes Above & Beyond To Save Hundreds Of Animals Trapped In A War Zone

Rescued animals
Jakub Kotowicz, 32 years old, is a Ukrainian vet who is risking his life on the daily traveling through the Ukrainian war zone. His goal is to help as many animals trapped in the Ukrainian war zone as he possibly can. There are a...

Man Conducts Daring Rescue After 5 Year Old Falls Into Alligator Infested Waters

man saves boy from alligator
A man from Louisiana had heard cries for help from a boy who had fallen into alligator-infested waters and was in immense danger. Daniel Duplantier was alligator-watching in a canal when the unexpected happened. He knew he had to act quickly when he heard the...

Barber Notices Toddler Trapped In Vehicle And Does Only Thing He Knows To Do

if he didn't step in, the boy could have died.

With Coyotes On The Prowl, Heroic Dog Fights To Protect Scared Boy After Car Crash

without him there's a chance he wouldn't be alive.

Watch: Florida Trooper Does The Unimaginable To Save Hundreds Of Lives

officer saves lives
A Florida trooper, Toni Schuck, drove her patrol car directly into a drunk driver who was speeding toward a 10K race route where thousands of runners were partaking. Dashcam footage shows the exact moment when Master Trooper Toni Schuck put herself in danger on I-275...

Inmates Watch As Cop Collapses On Duty-What They Did Left Many Speechless

It was the last thing anyone expected them to do.