Sweetest Reunion Ever! ❤️ Man Gives Heart Wrenching Goodbye To Pit Bull But Vows To Return

Lewis Jimenez was finally reunited with his beloved dog, Titus after being forced to give him up 4 months ago. Unfortunately, the apartment Lewis lived in told him he could not keep the Pit Bull in the apartment.  If he didn't get rid of Titus...

Elderly Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter In Trash Bag, Refuses To Give Up On Life

"Someone didn't take very good care of her at all."

Her Husband Was Lost In A Coma But Then He Said Two Words That Took Her Breath Away

This couple had only been married for seven months when a motorcycle accident left Danielle Josey Davis’ husband in a coma and on life support. Doctors told her to let her husband, Matt Davis, die and take him off of life support because there was...

Barber Notices Toddler Trapped In Vehicle And Does Only Thing He Knows To Do

if he didn't step in, the boy could have died.