His story begins with a literal fall from grace when he was just a little kitten. And after that, his life changed forever.

Mr. Chat, an adorable cat, had fallen from a fourth floor window all the way down to the ground, and luckily, he survived.

Because of the fall, Mr. Chat suffered a crushed vertebrae. His legs are effectively “dead” and are only able to move via reflex on super rare occasions.

After he fell, his owner took him to the vet, and asked for him to be euthanized, since he lost the ability to use his back legs. But the vet decided against it, and would not do the task.

The vet then asked the cat’s owner to give up his rights over the cat, and to allow the vet to keep him. It was at this point, that the cats new owner came into the picture.

“When I saw him, I just wanted to cry — and I fell in love with him.”

Mr. Chat went from being helpless, and feeling like there was no hope, to being on of the happiest and playful cats ever!

“His injuries were very bad, and he’ll never walk normally again,” said his new human owner.

But that doesn’t stop this little champ from doing everything he loves. According to his new owner, Mr. Chat becomes tired quicker than most cats because of his leg injuries. He has to make more of an effort to do things like go on the couch. But he is a fighter, and wants to do everything by himself.

This adorable cat is also living up to his reputation as a “cuddle addict” and has become a representative for cats with special needs.

We are so glad that Mr. Chat is doing so well in his new home, and we hope that he continues to life his life to the fullest!

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