This kitty, Bandit, was put into a no-kill shelter, but his odds weren’t looking good. They could tell that no one wanted him and that his life was coming to an end. That is, until Fran Swayze saw him, and fell in love.

She ended up adopting him and bringing him home, which little Bandit had absolutely no problem with, cause as soon as he arrived, he made himself right at home.

Fran loved her new little companion, and was more than happy to do whatever he wanted, and give him whatever he needed.

Which of course, included exploring and going on walks. And he begged Fran every day to do so. And every single day, she obliged.

But this day was different. Swayze’s daughter was home visiting, and they all had gone out on a walk together, enjoying the fresh air. They came back to the house and then began to settle in for the night.

But Bandit wasn’t ready for bed. Instead, he ran to the doo and began to meow. Fran knew what he wanted, but considering they had just gone on a walk, she ignored it.

It became too much for Fran…she just couldn’t say no to her beloved little kitty, so she agreed, and took him out.

And again, he did something else out of the ordinary. Instead of staying with her, like he normally does, Bandit sprinted ahead, and then suddenly stopped when he reached something laying on the ground.

When Frank and her daughter finally caught up to Bandit, they realized why he had run. On the ground laid Fran’s elderly diabetic neighbor, Mary Baker who had collapsed.

She was barely talking, but managed to get out, “Help me, help me.”

Mary had been walking her own dog out when her blood sugar ran dangerously low, and she collapsed. She didn’t know how long she had been down but knew that she needed help. And luckily Bandit was there to save the day.

Because of Bandit’s actions, Mary and Fran have become such wonderful friends, with Mary calling Fran “Sister.”

“I’m blessed that I have good friends here. This is my extended family,” said Mary.

Now the two members of the Buena Vista Senior Community is Texas visit with one another nearly every day, and have begun to look after each other.

If it weren’t for Bandit, who knows how long Mary Baker would have been on the ground, and if she would have even made it.

We are so thankful that Bandit found her, and was able to alert his owner to the dangerous situation Mary was in. He is a true hero!

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