Cleaning a car is never a fun job, and is something most people dread doing. But sometimes, it just needs to be done. And this mother knew that. But what she didn’t know, was how scary cleaning a car can really be…especially if you have kids.

This woman in Vandergrift, Pennsylvania, had been cleaning her SUV one afternoon, and everything was all and well. Her 2-year-old son was in there helping her-more or less.

They were doing their best to make the most out of the time cleaning the car. Playing music as they were doing so. The little boy then jumped right into the front seat and was pretending to drive, when he then put the car in neutral.

The car then began rolling away, across the alley, and then through the bushes behind their home. But behind those bushes was the scary part. Right past them, is a 100-foot drop.

The car went plunging through, and dropped right down to the bottom of the hill, and stopped right before reaching the train tracks, which is right beside the Kiski River.

His mom tried desperately to jump into action and save her son and stop the car. But it didn’t work, and she too went over the hill, and was injured.

But here comes the miracle. A neighbor was nearby as this was happening, and heard the crash. He then ran quickly over, to offer help in any way he possibly could. But as he was going to check it out, he ran down to the car, only to find the baby boy already out of the car.

“I grabbed the kid. He was already out of the car, he pulled himself out of the car, and I grabbed him, made sure he was alright, made sure she was okay. Told them to get away from the vehicle. So, I brought the kid up the hill, handed him off up here to the boyfriend or the father, and went back down and helped her up,” said the neighbor, Alex Lee.

Firefighters, police, and paramedics were all called to the scene. But everyone was left amazed by the fact that the little boy was not hurt at all. Now, they are evaluating his mother for spinal injuries, but as of right now, she is doing okay. She’s just happy that her son is alive, and was not injured.

Needless to say, this is one car cleaning that will never be forgotten! We are so thankful that no one died in this crazy accident, and we are so glad that this little boy is okay! Our wishes go to his mom for a speedy recovery!

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