There aren’t many 10-year-old boys who would give themselves to something for 2 solid years just so it would make another person happy. That is especially true if that 10-year-old boy had to go through being bullied and teased because of it. But Tyler Boone, from Georgia, ignored the bullies and grew out his hair for two years so that he could help a family friend who was diagnosed with alopecia-areata, a hair loss disorder.


Gabby Ruiz, 12, was given this diagnosis at the age of 4. She had gone through various types of treatment, but she has been uable to grow her hair. It seemed simple for Tyler, he would grow his locks nice and long and then use his hair to make her a wig. Tyler said, “Well, it’s just hair, I can grow hair.”

These two young people have shared a friendship even though they live hundreds of miles apart. They reunited a few weeks ago at a mall in Brandon, Florida near where Gabby lives for and interview and a photo shoot of Tyler’s big haircut.

Tyler was asked about what it was like to grow his hair out for two years and being mistaken for a girl. “I’m used to it now.” Then he got a huge smile on his face and added, “I just want to make her happy.”

While taking the pictures, the two friends laughed for almost an hour. The photographer had them measure Tyler’s hair at 12 inches, and caught a shot of Gabby making the first cut on Tyler’s hair. His hair will be donated to a nonprofit, Children with Hair Loss, and they will make the wig for Gabby.

Our young hero was then treated to whatever style cut he wanted as Gabby watched through the whole process. He chose something as different from his long locks as possible. . .a buzz cut!