It was a terrifying occasion for two siblings who witnessed their little brother be abducted right in front of them. 8-year-old Delicia and 10-year-old Brenden were playing in the park near their babysitter’s home when they had to muster all the courage they could to save their 22-month-old brother, Owen.

While playing in the park, a kidnapper quickly grabbed Owen and took off running. Most of the kidnapping was successfully filmed on security cameras. You can see the man running away with a blur in his hands…seconds later you can see Delicia and Brenden storming after him.

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-2-45-55-pmAs they pursued the kidnapper, Delicia let out a never-ending, spine-tingling scream that caught many people’s attention. “This little girl comes running around the corner screaming her head off,” Dorothy Giddings, a nearby witness told KXLY.

Her screaming also alerted two teenage boys who immediately jumped in to pursue the kidnapper. “I didn’t really care. There was a kid’s life in danger,” said Andrew Crane, one of the teenagers. The other teen, Isaac Yow said, “I don’t consider myself a hero. I consider myself a person doing the right thing,”

Once the suspect realized he was being chased by two teenagers, he abandoned the child in an empty lot and continued to run. “I told that little girl, I said, ‘Honey, you did exactly what you needed to do scream your head off,’” Giddings told Delicia. “That’s what saved that baby. Her screaming and us running”’

screen-shot-2016-10-14-at-2-35-24-pmThe town put out news everywhere asking the approximately 500 residents who this person was. After a short period of him on the run, officials found the accused kidnapper to be a 15-year-old local. The suspect is due to arrive in court soon.

After the story made nationwide news, a complete stranger sent Delicia and Brenden a gift because their behavior inspirited the stranger so much. After contacting the news, the stranger was able to anonymously get a letter to each child. Inside was a $100 reward for both Delicia and Brenden.

The children were stunned by the nice gift, but nowhere near as happy as their father was with their actions. “How precious for your kids to do the right things on an everyday basis, especially the love that they have for the little siblings,” their father said. Knowing your kids care for your family this much is what every parent wants to hear.

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