Devontae Hudson is just 16-years-old, but he is being hailed as a hero.  This young man is a student at Birchmount Collegiate Institute in Toronto, Canada.  He rides the public TTC bus system to school each day.  His route shares a stop with the West Hill Public School.


While riding the bus on the morning of October 27th, Devontae noticed a young boy sitting all alone.  “I looked over to see if anyone else was there,” said Hudson, “and the bus was basically empty.”  He decided to question the young boy and found out the he was just 7 years old, a second grader, and he was indeed alone.  He had missed his stop, failing to follow his sister off of the bus.

The West Hill Public School had already noticed that the young boy named Confidence was missing.  He was one of 52 children that were new to Canada, just arriving from Nigeria three days prior.  Devontae assumed that the boy attended West Hill and called the office to ask if Confidence Eluozor was a student there.  He didn’t want to leave the young boy alone, so he used his last bus ticket to get the boy back to his school.

“I was just over the moon,” said West Hill Principal Colleen Harrison. She drove Hudson back to his own school after. The office also gave him a bus ticket to make sure he could get home later that day.  Principal Harrison praised Devontae’s quick thinking, thoughtfulness and kindness.  And she decided to do something else to say thank you.


On November 25th, West Hill held a special assembly honoring the 16-year-old hometown hero.  Devontae’s family came and he was presented with an award along with a one-year bus pass for his heroic actions.  Hudson’s uncle, Tobin Cooper said, “We have large family, and he’s always taking care of the younger kids and looking out for [them] and things like that. So I’m impressed, I’m happy, I’m thankful, but I’m not surprised.”


Devontae summed up the encounter like this, “If you see someone in need, you should just help them.  You should help them without thinking about it.”

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